Senior Product Designer

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Main Responsibilities:
  • Participate in the definition of user needs
  • Produce personae, sorting of board, to use Journey, experience map, sketching
  • Centre and model the user experience on various Web supports responsive and application multi-supports (desktop, mobiles and tablets)
  • Conduct user survey for validating the UI and UX design
  • Design the prototype UI of a multi-tiered web application integrating with different sub-systems
  • Design the UI of the web application based on system requirement and customer input
  • Interview the end-users
  • Design prototypes and Wireframes
  • Realize iterative user tests (Test A/B, eye-tracking, group focus)
  • Work in team with system engineers and developers
Essential Skills & Qualifications:
  • At least four years old of practice in design of user experience
  • You are convinced of the power of Design Thinking, participants of your workshops leave with a
    smile and they felt they did something useful
  • Good knowledge of the UI/ UX methodology
  • Master the tools such as Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Photosh
  • Provide real innovative on-line experiences for end-user
  • Know how to design prototypes to test quickly your assumptions
  • Have good knowledge in HTML / CSS
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Good to have experience in an agile environment